Dead or Alive Slot

Dead or Alive is a slot designed and created by Netent. Ever since the slot was released back in 2009, it has been a popular and one of the most talked about games. It is considered a classic game by online slot enthusiasts. The game is available on sites like free of charge.

Dead or Alive Gameplay

This is a very unique and innovative slot that has led to the existence of high variance slots and most exciting ones. It however, still remains a classic to this day. is among the sites that made Dead or Alive a must play for its users. It has exciting features that will surely entice you.

Just like many other Netent online slots, Dead or Alive focuses on giving a standard 5 by 3, 9 payline layout. The slot comes with a base scatter jackpot that has the potential to deliver huge wins out of nowhere. It also has iconic free spins that can result to wins of over 10,000 times your bet amount.

Dead or Alive Availability on Devices

Just like many other Netent slots, Dead or Alive slot is available across all the devices. Be it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can access the slot with so much ease. Netent made the game more user friendly by installing eye catching graphics, lighting and proper sound tracks.

Dead or Alive Overall Design

Just like expected, the overall design of this game is outstanding. When playing it, you will feel like you are taking a stroll through a western town with sand scattered around and wooden building taking up the streets. It has an eye catching dark sky that many have fallen in love with.

Dead or Alive Features

As much as it might not be the world's most played game as far features go, you can be sure that this game will give you extra entertainment while you spin its reels. It has several features that combine to give the most amazing game experience you'll ever have. It also gives you a chance to win big!

The Free Spins Round

Dead or Alive has one of the greatest features ever built for a game, that feature is the Free Spins round. For players to trigger this feature, they are required to bring more than three scatter symbols into view. The feature is represented by crossed pistols and upon achieving it, you will be awarded a total of 12 spins.

Winning Combinations in Dead or Alive

The Free Spin feature explained earlier will also enable you see the winning combinations in Dead or Alive. It comes as bonus after you have used up the 12 free spins. Therefore, players can starting winning big through creating the ideal combination during free spins. The more spins you have, the higher chances of winning.

One thing that excites players when playing Dead or Alive is the sticky wilds that show up during the free spins round. In simpler terms, it means that every time a wild appears, it will hold its position till the end of the free spin feature. The wilds continue substituting for available symbols and give other rewards to players.

The Sticky Wild Bands

Landing all sticky wild bands on every reel awards players another 5 free spins. The target here is landing a so called wild cut as each one of them delivers a win 336 times your bet amount on each spin. Basically, mastering the bet limits on free spins can contribute positively to the game's outcome.

Dead or Alive Final Verdict

There is so much to acknowledge about this masterpiece from Netent. Despite the fact that its Netent's older slots, it still remains a force to reckon to with. While it has amazing visuals, the game also has the phenomenal free spins feature. This makes it more compelling and exciting to play. It has a big appeal to players.